Siberian Pine Nut Oil | Natural gastric problems support

Siberian Pine Nut Oil  - A natural aid for effective healthy digestion

For supporting gastric treatment and stomach upsets!

Good digestion and health stomach and intestine are keys to better health. Siberian Pine nut oil helps improve digestion and thereby promotes good health.

Helps heal the gastric upsets

DiGiZE – pure, organic, cold-pressed premium quality authentic Siberian Pine Nut Oil – is an all natural, powerful remedy that has been used for centuries by traditional healers due to its therapeutic benefits to alleviate stomach problems for those suffering from acid reflux, bloating and gas, colitis, constipation, gastritis, H. pylori, heartburn, IBS, peptic ulcers and more. DiGize also improves complexion, treats acne and eczema, helps lower cholesterol, boosts energy, immunity and metabolism and assists with weight control.

Harvested in Russia

Ingredients: Pure organic cold pressed Siberian Pine Nut Oil. 250 ml / bottle.

Suitable for vegetarians and Vegans.

Cautions: When taking warfarin, aspirin and other blood-thinning medications, please consult with your physician before consuming. This is because Omega-6 - an essential fatty acid - may affect platelet aggregation.

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Please read before you order: The expiry date printed on the current stock is "March 2019". Irrespective of the expiry date, it should be consumed within one month of the opening.