Ozonomatic Foot Spa System - for foot wellness

Your Own Personal Foot Massage Therapist!

Product and Features

Ozonomatic Foot Spa System consists of the manual Ozonomatic device, a connecting tube (or hose), and a foot spa bucket with its mat. The Ozonomatic device pumps out a suitable mixture of ozone and atmospheric air which passes through a connecting tube (hose) and comes out of the foot spa bucket mat creating thousands of bubbles in the bucket water.

These bubbles give wonderful foot massage with ozonated water.

The Ozone disinfects the water as well as the skin of the foot, which carry lots of germs due to dirt, sweat and shoe conditions, thus promoting cleanliness and hygiene of the feet.

Functions and Effects

Ozonomatic Foot Spa enables relaxation and rest in the comfort of own home to the people with very limited resources of free time. The device, due to its characteristics, enables everyday improvement of the quality and comfort of life. The bubbles created by the ozone-air mixture create full foot massage effect, removing toxins from feet, improving blood circulation, reducing tiredness and swellings of the feet.

Difference between foot massage by hand and hydromassage
While Chinese massage is aimed at stretching, kneading, and pushing the muscles to balance the 'qi' energy flow; Japanese Shiatsu massage involves rubbing, tapping, and squeezing with finger pressure on 'meridian systems to unblock energy flow and the Swedish massage involves slow movements and deep pressure to realign muscles and tissues and placement of heated smooth stone to soothe muscles and calm the nervous system. But the hydromassage with Ozonomatic gives out small bubbles in disinfected hygienic ozonized water which strike the feet with pressure evenly all around feet, ankle and lower legs and can give one best effect and benefit better than all other kinds of hand massages. And for home users, all this in their comfort and privacy of their own homes, without recurring expenses or unhygienic human touching!
Benefits of Ozonomatic Hydrotherapy Foot Massage
  • Disinfection and promotion of foot skin and nails hygiene
  • Foot massage helps trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, thereby promotes relaxation, for instance, after a whole day of tiredness; reduces depressive feelings and anxiety as well as anxiety caused by various illnesses and surgeries. It may also be useful in alleviating the anxiety and depressive feelings in those who are chronically or terminally ill or receiving cancer chemotherapy or rehabilitation from traumatic happenings. Women undergoing menopause of having problems of Post Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) can also benefit. By reducing stress, it may also be useful in normalizing high blood pressure.
  • Improvement of blood and lymph circulation of feet and legs thus removing the toxin accumulation in these part of the body - detoxification.
  • Due to its reflex and acupressure effects, hydromassage may be useful to those having migraine, angioneurotic and tension headaches
  • Foot reflexology and acupressure effects can also be useful in minimizing or alleviating shoulder and neck pain
  • Foot reflexology and acupressure effects may also help in cases of low back pain, lumbar sprains, arthritis pains of knees, hips, lower back, and conditions like fibromyalgia
  • People suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, flat foot, lower foot arch would also find Ozonomatic foot spa useful
  • Both in men and women, foot hydrotherapy spa with Ozonomatic can help in improvement of libido and sexual arousal both due to relaxing effect on the body as well as due to massage effects - especially few drops of magnesium oil and a drop of suitable essential oil is added to it
  • It helps strengthen the muscles and joint in the lower legs and feet, thereby preventing muscle atrophy in sedentary and old people, minimizing the chances of foot and ankle injuries.
  • Pregnant women may find Ozonomatic foot Spa useful in minimizing the swellings of ankles and feet.
Medical uses under medical supervision
  • Maybe useful for varicose veins and swelling of feet and lower legs
  • Improving blood circulation and toxin removal
  • Supporting the prevention of diabetes complications of feet, when indicated and when applied under medical supervision (please read the precautions below).
  • Can be useful in rehabilitation accident effects on feet, dystrophies, stroke effects on feet, etc.
Important Precautions
  • Skin of some people, especially diabetics whose blood sugar level is too high and not within desired levels, may be prone to maceration. In such conditions, it is not advisable to soak feet in water for a prolonged period.
  • Please seek medical advice before using the foot spa because on one hand it can be very useful and may help in disinfecting the feet, promoting feet hygiene and improving the restricted blood flow to the feet with problems like peripheral neuropathy leading to numbness, tingling, etc. calluses, foot ulcers and gangrene formation but on the other hand prolonged soaking of the feet of those who have very high blood sugar levels may cause skin macerations. Therefore, people prone to skin macerations, especially diabetic patients, must not use this device without precautions and medical supervision.

Ozone safety: Ozone can be manually switched on or off. When bubble speed is manually increased ozone emissions would automatically go off as a protective mechanism. This protective mechanism ensures that the ozone effect remains limited to the water in the foot spa bucket and does not escape to the atmosphere. Hence no harmful effects or irritation is caused to the respiratory system.

Additional Effects: Built-in heater can be switched on to keep the airflow warm in order to prolong the warmness of foot spa bucket water.

Useful for:

  • Spa centres
  • Foot Reflexology and massage centers
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Wellness Centers
  • Physiotherapy and hydrotherapy centers
  • Home use
The system includes the following.
  • Manual Ozonomatic Spa device [ 220 -240 volts (for those who live in different electric Voltage region or country will need the appropriate voltage converter which can easily be bought locally or on online stores)]
  • Connecting tube / hose
  • Foot spa bucket
  • Matt for foot spa bucket
  • Power Source 230 V 50/60 Hz
  • Weighting unit about 10 kg
  • Hose / connecting tube length up to 250 cm
  • The check valve in the hose / connecting tube to prevent backflow of water from the bucket into the device
  • Temperature of +10 to +40 ° C
  • The level of humidity in which the device can operate 15% - 90% uncondensed steam

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