Moonlight Rose Gold-Filled Pendant Necklace

This moonlight rose pendant necklace creates a feminine and delicate look. The flower cabochon has been carefully decorated with a gold-filled base and gold-filled chain. Perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. 



  • Handmade porcelain moonlight rose cabochon
  • 14K gold-filled base
  • 14K gold-filled chain


Size & Fit

  • Pendant size: 14mm in diameter
  • Chain length: 16'' (41cm)



  • White, gold



  • 4g


Handmade in Denmark.


Item Fit / Dimensions: Pendant size: 14mm in diameter Chain length: 16'' (41cm)

Made In: Denmark

Shipped From: Denmark. This product ships from the warehouse located in Denmark and may take 1-6 weeks to deliver. Customs in your country may impose some charges (in most cases, none).