Car charger adapter with USB and cigarette lighter sockets - Powstro

Car charger adapter with USB and cigarette lighter receptacle

This car charger adapter can be used to connect with USB cables as well as cables that require cigarette lighter receptacle or lighter socket. The adapter is a DC connector to supply electrical power for portable accessories used in or near an automobile.

Example of devices that can be used with a car charger adapter with both USB and cigarette lighter socket 

Examples of devices that can be operated from a cigarette lighter receptacle include lights, fans, beverage heating devices, and small motorized tools such as air compressors for inflating tires. These can be used at the same time while charging your mobile phones through USB charging cables. Many portable electronic devices such as music players or mobile telephones use a cigarette lighter receptacle to recharge their internal batteries or to directly operate from the vehicle electrical system.

Usefulness - If your car or truck has only one cigarette lighter socket

This adapter is useful in automobiles which may only have one 12 V cigarette lighter receptacle. It becomes a problem when you need to use GPS or other accessories which require cigarette lighter receptacle and mobile phones which require USB connector.

Use USB cables and cigarette lighter plug cables at the same time

This adapter solves the problem and helps you use both USB cables and cables with a cigarette lighter plug.  


Compatible Brands

Sony, Blackberry, Meizu, LG, Nokia, HTC, Lenovo, Samsung, Motorola, ZTE, Universal, Xiaomi, Huawei, Apple etc.

Quality Certification


Product type

Car charger

  • USB Ports: 2
  • Output Interface: USB
  • Brand Name: Powstro
  • Power Source: Car Lighter Slot
  • Type: Car Charger
  • Output: 5V/3A
  • Support Quick Charge Technology: No
  • Input: 12-24V/5A
  • Type: USB Car Cigarette Lighter Socket
  • Material: ABS
  • Operating Voltage: DC 12V-24V
  • USB Output: DC 5V 3.1A Max
  • Dual Cigarette Lighter Power: 100-120W
  • Voltage Detection Range: 7-33V
  • Cigarette Lighter Inner Diameter: 2cm / 0.8"
  • Package: 1*Car Charger 1*Package Box

Fulfilment: Shipped from China. [More info]