Butterfly Pea Vine Seeds

Other names & synonyms

Clitoria ternatea, Blue Butterfly Pea Flower, Clitoria albiflora Mattei, Clitoria bracteata Poir, Clitoria mearnsii De Wild, Clitoria tanganicensis Micheli, Clitoria zanzibarensis Vatke.

Butterfly Pea Vine is a fast growing creeper, which climbs trellis, fences or pillars and bears very attractive azure flowers round the year in tropics and in USDA zones 10-11. In somewhat colder regions it can be planted as annual in spring and can bear flowers in mid to late summer.

The vine prefers prefer sun and partial shade. In most cases it is 90-180 cm tall. However, in perfect warm conditions it can climb up to 270 cm. It is somewhat tolerant of drought, saline and soda soils but cannot tolerate temperature around -1°C or below. Frosty conditions can destroy plant and in such weather it is more appropriate to plant it as an annual.

Butterfly Pea vine is native to native to Tropical Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia) but also grows well in the subtropics like India, Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, Arabia, Afghanistan and in USDA zones 10 and 11. In other colder areas can be grown as annual plant as its fairly fast growing.


Various parts of the creeper are used for many Culinary, medicinal, animal fodder, environmental, agricultural and ornamental purposes.

Medicinal uses

  • India: Used in Ayurveda medicine. Some parts used for leucoderma/vitiligo.
  • Java: Used in traditional medicines, especially white flower plants as poultices and for inflamed eyes
  • Philippines: Seeds used in poultices applied to swollen joints

Animal Fodder use

  • Foliage is edible to animals and can be used for fodder
Agriculture & Environmental use
  • Can be grown as re-vegetation species as requires little care
  • For green manuring

Ornamental use

  • Being climber, it is grown on fence lattice, espalier, trellis, etc.
  • Can be planted in hanging basket
Cultivating difficulty: Very easy

Package contents: One lot of 20 seeds for planting.

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