Thai Tom Ka Paste

Tom Ka Coconut Milk and Galangal Based Soup

Tom Ka, Tom Kha Kai, or Tom Kha Gai, (literally, chicken galangal soup in the Thai) is a spicy and sour hot soup with coconut milk. It has a very distinct Thai taste of galangal, a ginger-like rhizome. Kha in Thai means "galangal." This version of the soup is made of chicken (kai or gai).

Tom kha was not a soup but a dish until the late 19th century. Chicken or duck was cooked with a generous amount of galangal in a light coconut broth. It was then served as a dipping pleasure with a basic roasted chili jam.

Nowadays too one can make many variations of Tom Ka using this paste.


The paste does not contain any meat, fish or any other seafood. But it does contain shallot. It can be used for a vegetarian dish if this or other ingredients are not an issue. (see the ingredient list).

  • Halal Certified by the Central Islamic Council of Thailand. No preservatives or artificial colors added.
  • Soup recipe can be made with any meat and/or vegetables
  • Cooking Style: Thai Cuisine
  • Brand: Lobo.


Salt, Galangal, Lemongrass, Sugar, Soybean Oil, Flavor Enhancer (Monosodium Glutamate), Kaffir Lime Peel, Shallot, Coriander Root, Chili, Acidity regulator (Citric Acid).

  • Product of Thailand.
  • Weight: 50 gram (1.76 oz) per 1 pouch

Fulfillment: Shipped from Melaka, Malaysia. [More info]

  • Best Before 29 November 2020