Artifacts of the World

We plan to develop this collection into a kind of a trove of original (where mentioned) and non-original reproductions for decorative purposes, mementos and memorabilia. These items of cultural or historical interest, may include artefacts, relics, antiquities, antiques, monuments, masterpieces art, heritage items, handicrafts, crafts, artworks, relicts, items of archaeological significance, fossils, carvings, papyri, manuscripts, exhibits, curios, pottery, ancient scrolls, archives, specimens, steles, pictographs, porcelains, heirlooms, paintings, keepsakes, ephemera, birchbarks, engravings, petroglyph, silverwork jewels, Oxyrhynchus Papyri, artworks, codices, collectibles, Elgin Parthenon Marbles, scrimshaws, tapestries, ambrotypes, souvenirs, Cahokia Mounds earthworks memorabilia, shell middens, inscriptions, intaglios, faience, frescos, knickknacks, Chinookan mementos, coins, statues, cartouches & hieroglyphics, tintype, krater, amphora, Achaemenid mementos, figurines & statuettes, curiosities, reliquaries, bronzes as well as objects from Neolithic, Paleolithic, Aurignacian, chalcolithic, Acheulian and other cultures.