Magnesium oil for hair loss

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Magnesium oil for hair loss

Magnesium oil for hair loss control

Hair care is an important, unignorable aspect of the personal care and grooming. In this article, we'd discuss causes of hair fall and how to use Magnesium oil for hair loss control.

Factors that lead to hair fall

The hairs start to fall for many reasons. The magnesium deficiency may play a role in accelerating the hair loss or slowing the hair regrowth. Various estimates and credible studies have revealed that about 68% to 80% of Americans are deficient in Magnesium. So we can safely assume a similar percentage of people elsewhere, if not higher, would also be deficient in magnesium, including countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Therefore, people having premature hair loss have a strong probability of being magnesium deficient. 

Magnesium / Calcium imbalance

What actually the deficiency of magnesium does? This is important to understand the role of magnesium in the causation of so many health problems including hair loss. The calcium is mostly required in the bones. This is where it should mostly be. However, this requires the presence of sufficient magnesium. In the case of deficiency of magnesium, calcium does not go into the bones, where it is required the most. Instead, it accumulates in the other parts of the body, including the blood vessels. So when it accumulates in the scalp and its blood vessels, the blood flowing to the hair follicles starts decreasing gradually over the years. The calcification of the hair follicle may also occur. Scalp inflammation is also commonly seen. All these factors lead to hair loss and baldness may be the end result. 

Magnesium supplementation with magnesium oil for hair loss

In order to overcome magnesium deficiency related hair loss factors - poor blood supply, calcification of hair follicles, it is useful to have supplementation of magnesium oil for hair loss. For the additional quicker promotion of blood circulation in the scalp blood vessels, the low-level laser can be used, in addition to the magnesium oil for better effects.

Magnesium oil for hair loss - scalp application

Since the magnesium oil can be absorbed into the bloodstream transdermally - through the skin - it is best applied to the scalp skin directly.

Dos and Don'ts of the Magnesium oil for hair loss

  • Apply the magnesium oil on the scalp directly and leave it there for 20-30 minutes
  • Wash the scalp and hairs thereafter and do not leave the remaining salts there, as these can dry up the skin and have dehydrating effects

Benefits of the scalp application of the magnesium oil

  • Halts or delays the hair loss
  • Helps overcome the nutritional deficiency of the magnesium (the benefits of which are discussed elsewhere)
  • Relaxes the tense scalp muscles, thereby helping in overcoming the aches and pains in the head
  • Increased energy production at the cellular level in the scalp and other parts of the body leading to healthier, toxin-free, fresh looking scalp and hairs.


From the discussion above, we can easily conclude that the regular use of magnesium oil is not merely good for the symptoms of the magnesium deficiency, but also good for scalp health. If it may not halt the hair loss, it will definitely help in delaying the hair loss by delaying the aging process occurring in the root zone of the hairs. Male pattern baldness is the hardest to overcome. However, the magnesium oil can still benefit either alone or in conjunction with other therapies for the hair loss. To conclude: It is worth to use magnesium oil


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