MelakaStore.Com Renovations!

March 19, 2017 0 Comments

MelakaStore.Com Renovations!

MelakaStore.Com is under a process of renovations. The website has been shifted to a new service provider and theme and looks have been changed. Most of the products sold on the site previously can be found for sale on this new platform as well. However, since everything evolves for the better, we may add tons of new products to solve your problems, but at the same time, we may also skip certain products.

Alpha PSP Sayamrice and Ozonomatic were our products previously, these are nowadays in a limited supply and you may find these unavailable. However, at the moment we don't plan to completely abandon and or discontinue these. At the appropriate time, which we don't want to prognosticate right now, these may be restocked. Liquid Chlorophyll, Metta Tonic, Siberian Pine Nut Oil, Zechstein Inside® Magnesium Oil and flakes, all are available and in stock.

Let's not talk about the tons of new products that are being added to the MelakaStore.Com. We'd talk about it some other time. MelakaStore.Com is not another Amazon, Lazada, 11Street or the like because we will be carefully vetting the quality products before we make available on this website.

That's it for the time being.  For the timely updates, you can join our newsletter and like / follow social media pages. Remember, we sometimes may also offer good discounts and free gifts for our subscribers.

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